Point Me East

I close my eyes and face him
Feel him on my skin, my face
his quiet warmth among the sting of cold wind
through my hair, inside my lungs blaze

I fill them up, ecstatic with the burn
ignore the smell of cattle, manure
how here in the city did they come
to take from this fresh longing moment

Eyes open, he lights up the sky
beams of energy, brilliance, reflect
from the vapor soldiers marching north
to cover what I can’t forget

Then fingertips touch
as cold meets cold
and looking down her eyes gaze up at me
She smiles, she questions
Meets the sky and sees
She is mine


Wednesdays are my one day a week to have a few hours with just Eloise. It was cold yesterday, but the sky was gorgeous and it beckoned to me, and I had a sudden need to feel the sun and the wind and breathe in the fresh air. I practically ran to the spot, closed my eyes and just felt it all with my skin. And then little fingers grabbed mine and Eloise, you joined me in that moment, and then I watched you play, this little girl under a big sky, all amazement and wonder. I wanted to take a picture of you in my mind, so I wouldn’t forget this moment. I came home and wrote this. Beauty was everywhere; my need and longing half met.

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