Elegy to Innocence

Life doesn’t thrive in darkness
which is maybe why you feel dead.
Dark eyes in a dark room doing dark deeds.
The only light, a computer screen.
Dirty mattress on the floor,
bars over windows, locks on doors.
You wait to be seen.

Led down a staircase, tripping
over a shoelace you are
too young to tie.
You brace to meet the face
of your next admirer, knowing
it’s no use to cry.
His erected affection leaves no
room for objection.
This is subjection of the basest kind.

How to breathe? How to swallow this
air of dirt and sweat and fear?
So you close your eyes, remember:
A time where no shadows blocked the sun.
When you ran and sang, and what was that word?
Fun? Brothers, friends, mama, hens…
flash through your days of old, and then
it is over. He’s done. A tear falls, he runs.
You close your eyes, whisper:

Children as young as one have been rescued from homes where they have been sexually abused as customers from all over the world direct and watch. See how the International Justice Mission is fighting cybersex trafficking, and how you can help.
Because free people free people.

4 thoughts on “Elegy to Innocence

  1. Oh Kati. Your post breaks my heart. What evil exists in this world we live in. I’m so thankful to be able to support IJM. After this strong reminder of the work that continues to need to be done, I may need to double my support.


  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! I loved this poem because of the raw truth written so beautifully. You have talent and God is gonna do something amazing through you because of your passion and heart for this cause <3.


      1. EXACTLY! Girl, you and I are on the same page here! It’s kinda nice that I found someone else (more like they found me) who shares the same passion as me and writes about it on her blog.

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