IMG_4411I am a work in progress, right in the middle of the already and not yet; a true mess. Filled with a mix of incompatibilities, I am a very outgoing introvert and have the mind of a cynic and the heart of an idealist. Passionate, honest, logical, captivated and moved by the arts, I am a lover of beauty and truth.

I love to write. It is my way to process and landmark. Writing is slow-going. Sometimes you have to sift through emotions for a long time before words come. Sometimes you don’t know how to interpret what is happening until you give it a name. I’m here to press pause and reflect and put names to the things in this life. I’m here to process. There’s stuff in me and stuff outside of me that I have to really grapple with at times. Most of my things are little. My whole life, it seems, is made up of little moment after little moment, with all those little moments welling up into one full life.

I am a wife and a mama to three little girls, a grad student at the University of Dallas, and a Freedom Partner & advocate with IJM. I co-lead the women’s chapter of the Civic Society of Fort Worth and participate in the Awaken Creativity Writer’s Group with Art House Dallas. I am Enneagram 4 through and through. (If you’re a Myers Briggs person, that translates to INFJ.) In what little spare time I have, I can be found reading, strolling through the Kimbell, writing at my desk, or learning to play the piano.